Is it the End of TikTok?

Looks like the ill-fate of TikTok is not coming to an end.

The video-sharing platform, owned by a Beijing based company Bytedance, has been continuously making headlines, and we only wish if it was for good reasons.

The company has been subjected to privacy concerns for a while now. The app rose to fame almost overnight, and stands strong with … Read more

Utilizing Chatbots to better customer experience

Today more and more companies are using Chatbots to better customer experience because how you make your customers feel is a much bigger differentiator, than the product or service you offer.

Surpassing customer expectations with each engagement is the new benchmark in the industry.

So it won’t matter how great your product is or how efficient your service is, if … Read more

B2B Marketing – The Do’s and Dont’s

We all get it B2B marketing is not as easy as B2C marketing, losing a potential lead will cost you way more than it ever would with B2C.

Stakes are high, decision making is not a straight forward process and there’s little room for mistakes.

I won’t go over again the marketing basics; how social media needs to be leverages, … Read more