About Me

Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance! – Plato

I’m Chhaya Sharma, a digital marketer by profession, a painter by heart, and a coder by qualification.

My expertise lay in startup marketing & building brands from scratch.

Also, I take great pride in my meticulous planning & strategizing skills which I’m honing since the age of 5.

ImgI started my career with blogging, over time I developed skills around the different domains of marketing.

But no matter how many hats I wear, the love for writing is still irreplaceable.

When I’m not writing or helping brands achieve their marketing goals, I spend my time painting sunsets or cooking the finest Italian cuisines.

Heretofore starting this blog, I’m sending 10 mail per week sharing content marketing resources with people I don’t know. I’m working on content marketing programs that will be up shortly.

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